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En bild från Biebers instagram!

2014-04-29 | 08:05:24 | Kategori: Instagram

Justin @instagram

@justinbieber: Signature Justin Bieber Buscemi @jonbuscemi :p
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2014-04-27 | 12:33:16 | Kategori: Instagram

Justin @instagram

@justinbieber: @theworldshero with the cover art @khalil page me and @poobear with the vocals

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2014-04-24 | 19:11:56 | Kategori: Instagram

Dj Tay James via instagram

@djtayjames: My boss my brother @justinbieber
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2014-04-24 | 14:27:18 | Kategori: Instagram

Instagram video @justinbieber

@justinbieber: Visited a Japanese orphanage.. Love these kids!!
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Justin @Instagram

@justinbieber: I am fashion
@justinbieber: Throwback
@justinbieber: Love your neighbor as yourself. And btw your neighbor isn’t just the one next door ;) #wordsofencouragement ♛
@justinbieber: Where to next?
@justinbieber: ♛
@justinbieber: Bye Japan
@justinbieber: Harajuku
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2014-04-22 | 14:53:53 | Kategori: Instagram

Justin @instagram

@justinbieber: Follow @madisonbeer
@justinbieber: Thankful for God’s everlasting love.
@justinbieber: ♛
@justinbieber: All around the world ♛
@justinbieber: ♛
@justinbieber: West side
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2014-04-20 | 16:57:33 | Kategori: Instagram



pierrebalian: I call this photo “Grammy”. @justinbieber x @soundzfake ++up one time! #futurelegends 📷: @pierrebalian


pierrebalian: Got to see my dude @justinbieber put in some work in the lab. My bro @soundzfake making platinum hits only! #ayc #statuslife

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2014-04-18 | 17:56:23 | Kategori: Instagram

Justin på instagram

soundzfake: Just got my plaque signed by Bizzle!!


justinbieber: Sometimes people need to sit down .


justinbieber: “Why is @justinbieber sprinter van getting more attention than my album release party”


coreyg650: Tbt……


romeolacoste: Tattooed Justin again last night till 6am. He showed me a lot luv. Thanks @justinbieber



brandonfcwe: @mikeyarana looks super jacked! 😂 #TheMob


soundzfake: This Friday ……+^


@justinbieber: Don’t you know me anymore

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2014-04-14 | 22:46:57 | Kategori: Instagram

Alfredo @Instagram

alfredoflores: My bro shut down #coachella with Chance the Rapper earlier today! @justinbieber

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2014-04-12 | 15:06:44 | Kategori: Instagram


justinbieber: ♛ me and wayne


souljaboy: My lil bro Bizzle said what’s poppin @justinbieber


justinbieber: Me and Tunechi in the studio


justinbieber: Super relaxed watching the longest yard


birdman5star: Latenite studio flow @justinbieber music amazin @birdman5star RG YMCMB



@adidasNEOLabel: This is your key, into @justinbieber dressing room. youtu.be/d2OMsT8sPXY


 ingen text

khalil: Haha came across this today, throwback joking around backstage


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2014-04-12 | 14:55:28 | Kategori: Instagram



calvinklein: Basking with Bieber. @justinbieber #mycalvins #regram


drebombay: In here with the guy…. @justinbieber we building some things…. #feelingblessedtoworkwiththebest🙏


souljaboy: Giuseppe Boyz. @justinbieber


drebombay: Happy Friday


drebombay: Good times in the lab with @justinbieber @birdman5star #classic


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2014-04-11 | 07:05:13 | Kategori: Instagram

Justin @Instagram

@justinbieber: Back to peace ♛
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2014-04-10 | 14:33:00 | Kategori: Instagram

Instagram video som Justin la upp för några dagar sen!

Posted by Emma

2014-04-10 | 11:27:09 | Kategori: Instagram


ingen text

justinbieber: It was about that time ♛


justinbieber: If u are reading this u are amazing ;)


 ingen text
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2014-04-07 | 17:33:28 | Kategori: Instagram


brandonfcwe: Showin love at 5am ♛


justinbieber: Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti ♛ #generosity

ingen text
ingen text

yeshuathegudwin: Do what you love


@justinbieber: Wondering if she’s too high maintenance


justinbieber: ♛


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2014-04-05 | 18:34:17 | Kategori: Instagram


justinbieber: ♛


thepatricknilsson: Looking at dolphins #dolphins #whalewatching #ogr #dontbescared #orangegymrats #everydamnday #oiga #themovement


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2014-04-04 | 16:43:25 | Kategori: Instagram

Justin med Austin Mahone på Instagram


justinbieber: New music #YMCMB


austinmahone: What an amazing song last night..The world isn’t ready! @justinbieber


birdman5star: Day 2 with tha yung supa stars in studio workin @justinbieber @austinmahone RG YMCMB


birdman5star: My daughter. @briawilliams1 knw I don’t play tht but they my nephews family luv @justinbieber @austonmahone RG YMCMB


austinmahone: Day 2! #StudioNights @justinbieber birdman5star


birdman5star: Got my MINI G with me today in studio @briawilliams1 @justinbieber @austinmahone birdman5star


briawilliams1: #ymcmb fam lol👌


birdman5star: My nephew 100 @mackmaineymcmb my nephew @justinbieber @birdman5star RICHGANG YMCMB


Posted by Jessica

2014-04-04 | 16:29:58 | Kategori: Instagram


birdman5star: Day 3 in studio late nite workin with nephew @justinbieber tht @austinmahone song is a HIT just heard tha mix RG YMCMB @birdman5star


ryanbutler: #tbt with my brothers

@florido: BTS: Putting in WErk! #hairbyflorido @justinbieber


iam_vernonb: #tbt Right before I got up on to stage to sing ! #allaroundtheworld @justinbieber #imDARKinthisphoto #NONEofthefiltersworked



jonboogiee: #tbt I truly miss sharing the stage with my brothers. #BelieveTour Did you guys grab your copy of the DVD on ITunes?!?!?!


 nickdemoura: Balling last night with @justinbieber

chesterdefjam: #tbt to the first radio run @justinbieber and I did back in the day. #SinceDayOne #OneTime


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2014-04-02 | 07:58:21 | Kategori: Instagram


mackmaineymcmb: Young kings in the building… @austinmahone and @justinbieber #AYC



roccovaldes: In the studio making hits @austinmahone x Justin


birdman5star: Studio flow with tha yung future of music get ready YMCMB @justinbieber @austinmahone @mackmaineymcmb @birdman5star


devontracy: Throwback w/ @justinbieber at the MMVA’s


@adidasneolabel: Planning pranks #behindthescenes #bts

Posted by Jessica

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